WTS Komodo Pilot - 52M SP - "A Komodo"

Today I am listing the character A Komodo for sale.

A Komodo is 4 months old and can fly a Komodo.
Character will be located in Jita 4-4 at time of sale.
Character has a positive wallet balance.
Character has no active kill rights.
Character has no active jump clones.
Character has 2 bonus remaps available

Bids start from 25b

I am indeed for sale.


26 bil


29 b offer



offer retracted



Offer accepted. Send ISK to Mavalle Dorgiers and PM me the transfer details

Still for sale, bump.

28 b offer

30b offer

31b offer

31.5B offer

35b!!! mail me if u wts

Offer accepted

which character should i send isk?