WTS LAST 2 Mining characters

I’m interested in Typhusarmy1 Legion if he’s still available please PM me in game

PM sent.




Typhusarmy1_Legion ill offer 7B for this toon

I offer 6.5B

Thanks for the offers,

But looking for a couple of bill more for each.


I offer 4.5 bil

Hi mate,

I’ve declined an offer of 5B in-game, looking for 5.5b.

Can be online now, if interested in completing.


I’ll do 5.5B. I am online now.

ISK recieved.

Character will be transferred via plex.


Typhusarmy1_Legion 7.5B?

I wouldn’t be looking to go for anything lower than what i sold my other 3 typhuslegions which were 10m SP for 9b


Confirmed receipt of character transfer, thank you!

Perfect, thank you!

Last 2 Characters, will let them both go for 17b for both!


Hey what characters or left and what or you asking individual prices ?

The 2 characters linked at the starting post.

Miner + Shield/Drone Skills 10.4m SP - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Typhusarmy1_Legion - 9b

Miner + Shield/Drone Skills 9.5m SP - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Typhusarmy6_Legion - 8b