WTS Legendary Pilot. 27.8M SP Focused Redeemer Pilot. Black ops/Cyno Alt

Selling the Legendary Hibiki Hyuga. The bane of Flight-Deck and Fraternity ratters killing hundreds of billions of defenseless crabbers. if you just want an extra Huge DPS Redeemer to hot drop with, or a cyno character that can also be repurposed as a Jump Freighter character, Hibiki is for you. This is my first time selling any character on the character bazaar and hibiki holds a deep place in my heart 3>.

if any Flight-Deck member buys Hibiki. ill give a discount if that is allowed o7
fly safe boys,

NPC Corp
Jita Located
-0.5 Sec status
positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
ALL CCP Rules Adhered

Can’t view toon. I’ll offer 4 for it.

Updated. also no thank you. Hibiki loots 4 bill off wrecks for breakfast

I’ll do 10. No, he doesn’t loot 4b off of wrecks for breakfast. Looking at his skills, I’d be surprised if he can even solo a frigate.

no thanks dawg. i’ll still be hot dropping him all over new eden until sold. ill wait. 10bill doesn’t even cover his Exotic Dancer and Pyrolancea consumption

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