WTS Looking Glass Monocle Interface (right/gold)


13.1 Billion estimated sell value 13.1 Billion estimated buy value

looking to avoid market fees / message me in game with an offer. Lowest buy order right now is just shy of 10b so anything lower then that will just be ignored.


ps. its currently on my avatar right now, if you look to the left <— and see it on my face its still available.

edit: sold for 11b

Where is the “just shy of 10b” buyorder at?

it appears an order for 9 and a half just sold a few days ago.

8 billion isk.

liquid is ready right now but only for 24 hours.

If you wanna trade just raise contract to me, if not then dont because I hardly come on these forums nowadays.

this is still available

sold please close

Closed as per the request