WTS many old Pilots 5M to 5.5M skill points PRICE DROP!

Still for sale
@Dark_Prince_Sebiestor 4b bo
@Battle_Clone_One 4b bo
@Battle_Clone_Two 4b bo

i will do 3 on Dark Prince

Hi @El_Estragos 3.5b ? if yes send isk and account to @Dark_Prince_Sebiestor

Isk and mail sent

HI @El_Estragos Transfer initiated enjoy your pilot

Can I trade now ?

i want Two

@Battle_Clone_One 4b bo
@Battle_Clone_Two 4b bo

Hi @Burning_Horizon send isk to @Battle_Clone_One and @Battle_Clone_Two with account names

Send ISK… Account Send message

@BurningMarth Both transfers started enjoy you new pilots

any still for sale?

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