WTS Marginis Fortizar

What we have here folks is one legendary ‘Marginis’ class Fortizar. Thanks to shenanigans there are now less than 178 of these bad boys in existence.

This luxurious Fortizar is well known for its generous office space, and it features a fuel bonus making it the perfect solution for the discerning capsuleer organization in need of a deployment Fortizar. Harken back to the days of dropping beautiful Gallente stations to harass your enemies from while you and your corpmates kick back and sip quafe from the comfort of your corporate office complex.

Unfortunately, captains quarters are not included.

Available in lowsec near Amarr.

Price: 50b

contact me

40b offer stands

This is still available. Price is firm, asset is safely in lowsec and ready for transfer.

Message me in game if interested.

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My offer still stands

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