WTS Max Edencom and Triglavian Pilot 39.6m SP

PVP specific training for Edencom ships and Trig ships

Gets a lot of comments about the name in local chat

Edencom Cruiser 5
Edencom Battleship 5
Precursor Frigate 5 in 4 days
All other Precursor ship command skills to 5

Base gunnery skills to 5
All precursor weapons skills 5
All Vorton weapons skills 5 (Arc extension, arc guidance, power amplification and projector operation)
Most gunnery specializations to level 4

8 jump clones available and 4 active, 2 with +4 implants and 1 with extras for gunnery (Naga)
Currently in Jita


Three Toes Trev is a character in the MMORPG Eve Online. They have amassed 39,366,253 skillpoints and they’re currently training 16 skills in their skill queue. Click to learn more about this character

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
No kill rights.
All CCP Rules apply

Starting Bid: 35b
I’ll accept any suitable offers

Appears to be still showing in a corp but is in an NPC Science and Trade Institutue… Not sure why that is

Daily bump - who doesnt want to fly a maxed out Thunderchild or Zappyboi, most fun ships in the game!

Bump for max Stormbringer pilot, insta pop ferox fleets in a flash!

Max Leshak or max Thunderchild with max gunnery, doesnt get better than this!

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30 Bil

Thanks for the bump Littlelight but looking for more, Edencom skill books are currently over 10b on buy orders with none on the market


Last orders or its off the market

No longer for sale

Hi Three Toes Trev - I know you have retracted the sale but I would like to offer 35b if you’d consider selling it now?


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