WTS Maximilian Bergmann 34.7million SP - NPC Corp (GOLEM/HULK PILOT)

Here is my character - Maximilian Bergmann

Link shown here - Maximilian Bergmanns Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

The character Maximilian Bergmanns is in an NPC corporation and he has a positive ISK balance as of this Post, he has no kill rights active, and currently has 4 Jump clones around high sec (Mission Hubs)

Juliet Clone (named) is a full set of +5 implants located in Jita 4-4, Maximilian is currently located in Jita 4-4, i will pay the transfer fee, once isk is received from the buyer

All offers are welcome :grinning:

14b i offer

A little low for my buyout but thanks for the offer

how about ?

This toon is on offer until the end of the month, please take a good look at him

The minimum start price is 18 billion

Buyout is hidden

reasonable offers only will be able to trade the character on the 24th, please see screenshot for jump clones (+5 implants)

bumpty bump


I want to have it. How about 18B

That’s my minimum start price, for a few more bill you can hit the Buyout

Offer sent through In game mail

E-mail seen and reply sent

12b offer


19b i offer



Getting Close, Bump.

New bid at 20 billion don’t forget we finish on the 24th this toon will go to the highest bidder