WTS Tobias Bergmann 23.8million SP - NPC Corp (GOLEM/HULK PILOT)

Here is my character - Tobias Bergmann

Link shown here - Tobias Bergmanns Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

The character Tobias Bergmann is in an NPC corporation and he has a positive ISK balance as of this Post, he has no kill rights active, and currently has 4 Jump clones around high sec (Mission Hubs)

Juliet Clone (named) is a full set of +5 implants located in Jita 4-4, Tobias is currently located in Jita 4-4, i will pay the transfer fee, once isk is received from the buyer

All offers are welcome :grinning:

10 b o ffer

12b and he’s yours

10.5b offer

Too low but thanks for the offer

12b offer

12 is great please send isk to character and account transfer details and I will sort when I get home from work today

Isk and account details sent

Just come home from work, will log in and check and transfer toon, will let you know once this is done

i have a problem, i didn’t realize that you can no longer transfer characters with plex, so i won’t be able to do the transfer until the end of the month.

I will send your isk back to your account and wait until the end of the month until i re-advertise these toons

Apologies about this - btw love your account hame made me lol

The minimum to start is 12 Billion

Buyout is Hidden

*if the original person wants to wait until the end of the month, i will honor it, however, due to the change in the way characters are processed i would need a little more to accept the trade.

Here are screenshots of the characters Jump clones.

bumpty bump


12 b offer


how much do you want now?

Minimum bid to start is 12 billion


Highest bid so far is 12 billion, this character trade finishes on the 24th, so get your bids in before it’s too late

Mail Sent and ISK Value sent…

Received and account character being transferred