Wts ME 10 capitalship bpos collection

ME 10/12 Rorqual
ME 10/14 Pheonix
Me 10/14 Ninazu
Me 10/14 Lif
Me 10/14 Minokowa (2 of these) 1 LEFT

ME 10/14 Apostle ( 2 of these) SOLD
Me 10/12 Moros SOLD
ME 10/14 Naglfar SOLD
Me 10/14 Nidhogger SOLD
Me 10/14 thanatos SOLD
Me 10/14 chimera (sold)
ME 10/16 Archon (sold)

Make me an offer I cannot refuse

All in high sec station, some in jita some near

0ffer here or in game

How much for :

2 x Apostle
1 x Moros
1 x Naglfar
1 x Nidhogger
1 x Thanatos

as a package

-32B- also they are all 10-14 with the exception of the rorq, some are not 10-12 (not that it matters much) I fixed it above

Keep it up

sellin stuff


most sold, get er while it lasts

hype it

ME 10/12 Rorqual
how much?

Pheonix and LIF pending a sale, outbid or offer on other stuff as u wish

Too little TO LATE, PA has come and whole trade game has changed, better do firesale whille you can.

lol, if the game was going to die because of ownership change, why firesale anything if the in game currency is going to die? If the game lives or dies a bpo or some isk isnt going to change anything when the servers shut down

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