Wts ME 10 capitalship bpos collection

(Mstache) #1

ME 10/12 Rorqual
ME 10/14 Pheonix
Me 10/14 Ninazu
Me 10/14 Lif
Me 10/14 Minokowa (2 of these) 1 LEFT

ME 10/14 Apostle ( 2 of these) SOLD
Me 10/12 Moros SOLD
ME 10/14 Naglfar SOLD
Me 10/14 Nidhogger SOLD
Me 10/14 thanatos SOLD
Me 10/14 chimera (sold)
ME 10/16 Archon (sold)

Make me an offer I cannot refuse

All in high sec station, some in jita some near

(Mstache) #2

0ffer here or in game

(Sharee McKay) #3

How much for :

2 x Apostle
1 x Moros
1 x Naglfar
1 x Nidhogger
1 x Thanatos

as a package

(Mstache) #4

-32B- also they are all 10-14 with the exception of the rorq, some are not 10-12 (not that it matters much) I fixed it above

(Mstache) #5

Keep it up

(Mstache) #6

sellin stuff

(Mstache) #7


(Mstache) #8

most sold, get er while it lasts

(Mstache) #9

hype it

(Fawniquaa) #10

ME 10/12 Rorqual
how much?

(Mstache) #11

Pheonix and LIF pending a sale, outbid or offer on other stuff as u wish

(Predvodnica LSG) #12

Too little TO LATE, PA has come and whole trade game has changed, better do firesale whille you can.

(Mstache) #13

lol, if the game was going to die because of ownership change, why firesale anything if the in game currency is going to die? If the game lives or dies a bpo or some isk isnt going to change anything when the servers shut down

(system) #14

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