WTS ship BPO

WTS Jita

Archon 10/20 - Reserved at 3.2b
Thanny 9/14
Phoenix 9/16
Nid 8/14 x2
Nag 8/14 x2

Ferox 10/16
Moa 10/16
Osprey 10/16
Osprey 10/18 x32
Blackbird 10/18
Caracal 10/18 x32
exeq 10/20
hoarder 9/14 x9
Miasmos 10/20 x3
Kryos 10/20 x2

Hm for hoarder and kyros each

Hoarder 50 each I have been seliing a few
Kryos 75?


How much for the niddy bpos ?

have them up at 2b atm feel free to make an offer :slight_smile:

Would you take 3.5 for the pair ?

sure gonna do the contract

Ok great I’ll acept when I login later

Thanks very much

How about the ferox and the naglafar and Phoenix ?

nag are up at 3.75b per, which is around what I want

ferox at 850

Ok no probs I could only offer you 3b for a nag

How much for the Phoenix ???

phoenix is up at 3.5 atm, could do 3.25

Thanks , i appreciate the offer for a bit of haggle , however I’ll have a little think about it and let you know tomorrow if you still have it :slight_smile:

np :slight_smile:

How much for the archon?

looking for 3.5

Hiya just wanted to let you know that I decided not to :slight_smile: as can only do 3b on the Phoenix

Hope sale goes well

Nags sold almost everything else is left for sale

How much for the archon bpo?