(Tcuique) #1

BPOs on hand

Archon 10/14
Thanny 10/18
Moros 10/14
nag 10/18
Rev 10/16
Apostle 9/12 x2
Lif 9/12 x2
Mino 9/12 x2
Ninazu 9/12 x2

Contact me with offer via eve mail or post here

(Wirox Crotikus) #2

Im interrested in Both Apostle, NAg and Moros BPO.
How much u looking for ?

(Pils Vynneve) #3

I’ll offer you 2b for the Archon.

What price did you have in mind for the Thanatos?

(Tcuique) #4

Rev sold

(Admiral Mason) #5

PM me Thanny price.

(Cloon McCloon) #6

18b for those four?

(system) #7

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