[WTS] ME 10 TE 16 Providence, Charon, Fenrir and Obelisk BPOs - SOLD

I have started an ingame auction with following settings:

Obelisk: 3b start, 4.8b buyout
Fenrir: 3.5b start, 5.3b buyout
Providence and Charon: 3.7b start, 5.6b buyout

14 days duration, place your bids or buy those shiny BPOs straight away - months of time and billions of ISK in research on those, not easy to come by.

Received few offers by mail, but for now I would like to keep the ingame auction up.

Up again

Willing to sell all 4 of them with a discount for 18b - drop me a mail if interested. Otherwise ingame auction still running.

3/4 starting bids have been made ingame on contracts, place yours as well

All sold @ buyout.

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