WTS ME10 Capital BPOs

(Mstache) #1

All lower than current Jita 4-4 Contract prices for me10 BPO.

Revelation 10/12 7 B

Moros 10/12 6.2B

Archon 10/14 3.1 B

Chimera 10/14 3.2 B

(Pils Vynneve) #2

Mail send.

(Mstache) #3

Bump it up!

(Mstache) #4

For sale

(Mstache) #5

All prices lowered below current jita prices and put on market. Give em a glance

(Sokar Herra) #6

is the rev bpo strill available

(Mstache) #7

Only thing left is moros, it is on public contracts in jita for like 4.99 bil I think. This thread is really old ha

(system) #8

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