WTS Capital BPOs

Selling the following BPO:

Nyx BPO ME7/TE10 - 20 bil
Nidhoggur BPO ME7/TE10 - 1.25B
Nidhoggur BPO ME7/TE10 - 1.25B
Thanatos BPO ME10/TE14 - 1,9B
Chimera BPO ME9/TE14 - 1.5B
Capital Jump Bridge Array BPO - ME10 /TE20 - 2.5b

All BPOs are in Jita or close to Jita
Make a comment or send ingame mail.

Thanatos - sold


I offer you 23b for the 2 x niddy 1 x chimera and the nyx bpos

Contract to me if you acept

Deal, contract is up, on a npc a little outside Jita… :+1:


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