WTS Mimir - 225b *SOLD*

Be the first ever in Eve’s history to lose a Mimir.

225b (SOLD)


4 have been lost

Mimir will be the prize of AT this year

zkill shows zero. where are you seeing 4 lost?



Given the influx of 150 new hulls this fall: 190b

It will be given away free along with at least 1 other AT hull. Ping me on disc9rd if interested: Astrocytoma#3209

Looking for a bit more, they wont sell under 200b like any other AT cruiser prize ship. And those wont get Handed till early next year.

Only there will be 33% more hulls then the laelaps, and it would take one hell of a rework for it to be even remotely as oppressive as one.

My offer remains if you change your mind

Sold. Mimir has found a great new home.

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