Jita/Perimeter Ships/Items Sale

Selling the following list of ships in Jita. here is a link to a eve appraisal Evepraisal - Appraisal 169fde: 373.47 Billion Buy / 408.84 Billion Sell below is my price.
Marshal x9 9B Per
Ark x6 11.4B Per
Nomad x5 11.2B Per
Anshar x5 11.2B Per
Paladin x13 1.2B Per
Vargur x14 1.2B Per
Rhea x1 11.5B Per
Golem x8 1.2B Per
Nightmare x5 1.2B Per
Orca x3 1.9B Per
BowHead x2 2.6B Per
Rattlesnake x4 1B Per
Large Skill Injector x4 940M Per
Kronos x3 1.1B Per
Widow x3 1.05B Per
Providence 3.2B
ikitursa x6 500M Per
Panther x3 1B per
Sin x3 900M Per
Barghest x2 1.3B Per
Vindicator x2 1.2B
Leshak x4 600M Per
Machariel x3 780M Per
Redeemer x2 1.180B Per
Nestor x2 1.15B Per
Orthrus x6 380M Per
Athanor x2 1.1B Per
Thunderchild x2 970M Per
Stratios x5 310M Per
Gila x5 310M Per
Enforcer x3 390M Per
Draugur x2 335M Per
Raitaru 650M
Nerga; x3 200M Per
Raven Navy Issue 590M
Armageddon Navy Issue 580M
Legion x2 260M Per
Cynabal x2 245M Per
Phantasm x2 245M Per
Astero x4 110M per
Tengu x2 200M Per
Praxis x2 190M Per
Tempest 375M
Stormbringer 275M
Sleipnir 265M
Scorpion 255M
Proteus 235M
Phobos 220M

in addition i have some items in Perimeter i am trying to sell as well Evepraisal - Appraisal 169enb: 11.65 Billion Buy / 13.58 Billion Sell
Prototype Jump Drive Economizer x35 315M Per
Prototype Hyperspatial Accelerator x30 75M Per

Dear Ms. Pyro’s Wife… does Pyro know you are selling off his garage?

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this toon has nothing to do with the streamer Pyro… i made a few like this for different reasons

I’ll buy all Prototype Jump Drive Economizer for 9.8bil

sorry not doing just above buy order price.

bump post

Are we supposed to negotiate prices for what we want? I ask because the 5 ships I was interested in were priced over Jita Sell prices.

i dont mind negotiating as market changes constantly…

I’m interested in an Ark. Would you do 11.2 as the other JFs?

lowest would be 11.5

Didnt expect it to go up from the original post lol, can’t do 11.4?

This thread is a Jita Market order thread but without the taxes.

Contract it to this character when you are able to please, thanks :slight_smile:

contract will be up shortly

@Pyro_s_Wife sent you an email :slight_smile:

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