WTS Mimir Imp Caedes Freki Utu Fiend Malice Whiptail

Mimir 120
Caedes 100 - Sold
Freki 105
Imp 115 - Sold
Malice 130
Whiptail 110 -Sold
Whiptail 125
Fiend - 170 - Sold

Firm - PMs Only Pls


malice 90

Bump - added 2x imps

Will trade a erebus for imp with full refits

To ze top

1 imp gone - Bump

Caedes Sold - Most Victory Skins are also sold

PM Sent

BUmp - Fiend Sold

hope you got more than 170 now lol

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I did :slight_smile: ty

also bump

Still at it


After Vegas Bump

Late Bump, Some sold, got some duplicates back up

malice 95

imp have?

do you trade your freki for an caedes?