WTS Moloc BPC 450 kkk BO

WTS Moloc BPC for 675kkk messege me for details.




i have an offer for 400 bil. it’s good price.
someone alse want MOLOC BPC?

id take that 400bil bpc deal. only a fool would buy it at that price

after last capital rebalance I think its norm price for this BPC. “sotio farm” now more expensive, and prodaction supercapital very expensive. if you create a titan or frac titan, you need materials. and if you bought my BPC you can create moloc - not common avatar. and now as KB say only me have MOLOC BPC.

Supercaptials and titans arent just very expensive to build. they are almost straight up impossible. No one is building them right now because ccp is rebalancing industry in a few months. If i had a 400b isk offer id take it and run as fast as i could if i were you because this blueprint is not worht that much. by your logic the blueprint should be almost worthless.

400 bil for now. bump

Pm me realistic offer if u want at some point

300Bil - Mail me if interested. This is already being generous.


LOL why would u even offer that much. he posted for 400b B/O and he pmed me 440 offer 5 minutes later xd

see all my post. i sed that i have an offer 400 bil.
than after 7 day i bump topic with post
" 400 bil for now. bump "
becouse noone post any offer.
whats your problem? if you offer me 440 bil isc today, i can sell this item for you, but it not polite to post private massege.

if the 300bil offer fails. Ill take it for 250bil.

My offer still stands for the moment

I edit BO prise. for now its 450 Bil.

Headed in the right direction, but still not close

Grats on this one, Nync. You keeping the Chemosh?

Chemosh sold.

Molok | Skyllar Rose | Killmail | zKillboard one of this rare ship was destroy… so bump.