WTS Molok (SOLD)

Titan sold!


That is a beautiful ship. I am not in the market, but I appreciate you sharing a hangar view :slight_smile:


Thank You! :grinning:

And to the top!

Starting you off with 450 :slight_smile:

Thanks. Starting bid is 500 but noted.

Up again!

Bumpity bump bump bump

Up again!

451b uwu

Thanks for the free bump. Again bidding starts at 500.

Up again! : D

Initial offer of 539 Billion made. Awaiting confirmation and liquidation of assets for the transaction. If other offers are to be made contact me ASAP. Thank You.

Up again! Sale still pending.

Up again. Offer is still pending. Again, if you are going to place an offer don’t convo me and complain about prices. Thanks.

Up again. Still pending.

Up again. Offer still pending.

Up again. Offer still pending.


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Titan sold for 539 billion. Thanks everyone! :laughing: