WTS Monocle (right/gold) - Jita [20b start, 40b b/o]

As title suggest, I’m selling a gold/right monocle, my main has been wearing since monocle-gate.

  • Starting bid 20b (no bids below this entertained)
  • B/O 40b
  • 7 days, highest offer over 20b gets it


21b bid

Ty for bid, bump

Bump, just a couple days left


22b bid

23 B offer

24B bid

25 B offer

26b - has auction already closed ~3 hours ago @DelBoy_Trades ?


27 Bill



Apologies, I completely forgot about this auction as I’m travelling - whatever is the highest bid when I get back tomorrow I will put the contract up. Thanks for the bids folks and apologies for going over the 7 day guideline!

Contract up. Thanks

@DelBoy_Trades Hi, I just sent you a mail to your character.

@Adranas_Sharisa is trying to blackmail me into selling the item below their bid because I accidentally went over the auction duration, so will not be selling the item to them.

They threatened to go to a GM/ISD and FORCE me to sell at a lower price…

I can take 27 Bill

Contract up.