WTS Moon Goo in Jita @ Jita buy price 13.1 bil

Evepraisal - Appraisal 13wnzx: 13.11 Billion Buy / 13.89 Billion Sell

Looking for 13.1bil
Its in Jita right now

Happy to take this off your hands

as i read on the forum you are a scam :slight_smile: but thanks for a bump haha

I’m no scam, contract to the Corp Trade And Beyond and I’ll accept when home

Still for sale

Contract to me for 12.5

Highfly Chastot = scam

Not scam, just no time to play with my job. I run 110 reaction slots. Next time I’ll just plan to buy on weekends.

If you’re going to call someone out for scamming, at least say what they did and preferably share proof lol. Surprised HIghfly Chastot has been so nice about it. Enjoy the free bump I guess.

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