WTS Most E L I T E Caiman in EVE

Selling this because the E L I T E slayers, IED, or as they are known by the long way Immediate Destruction are hunting me down like I’m the last, lost majestic giant New Zealand Eagle left alive.


44.5bil if your snuffed.

50bil if you buy it with a panfam main for w.e reason.

44bil if your ex-SOTF.

43bil if your D0nnieDark0 if you promise to let me titan go when you make our super fleet eat ■■■■.

40bil if your Tekitha/Lock Out/Loren Gallen coming back to the game. 16yr old misses everyone.

edit; got t2 rigs (classified, but they are there) and like 5 jf killmarks)

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40b for the one who taught you how to eve.


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Lmao good luck with that sale, thing isn’t worth more than 40b and thats premium to a collector

No special price for me :frowning: wtf

Ready to buy @45bil- Send me the contract.

Bump, sent a contract to the guy above but if he doesnt accept and someone is ready asap, you get it lol






galatica is a gay boi

That elite you can’t seem to sell it :thinking:

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