WTS Multiple Officer + Dank Abyssal Mods

WTS The Following - taking offers

Setele’s Modified Sensor Booster X 2 - 6 Bill Each
Tairei’s Modified Cap Recharger x 6 - 1.25Bill Each
Vepas’ Modified Cloaking Device x 3 - 3 Bill Each
Mizuro’s Modified Stasis Webifier X 2 - 9.5 bill Each

Heatsink 1 - 31.0 % dps boost HEATSINK%201
Heatsink 2 - 29.7 % dps boost HEATSINK%202
Heatsink 3 - 30.1 % dps boost heatsink%203

Warp Disruptor 1 - disruptor%201
Warp Disruptor 2- disruptor%202
Warp Disruptor 3 -disruptor%203

BCU 1 - 28.4 % dps bonus bcu1

le bumpage

Bumping, taking offers


Still for sale will take reasonable offers.

Bumping like a boss

How much for a Mizuro Web?

The last one sold for 8.5bill so make an offer.

bumping the thread

still for sale

1.5b for 2 x Tairei’s Modified Cap Recharger ?

Interested in HS1, please get in touch so we can discuss a price :slight_smile:

Mail me price for the 2 sebo’s

Updated with prices of officer mods.

how low will you go on bcu 1

2b for 2 x Tairei’s Modified Cap Recharger

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