WTS Myself : 31M SP Great Minmatar Loki / Machariel Pilot with best name ever

WTS myself a nice pvp toon that loves Minmatar Autocanons.
Perfect for Loki & Machariel piloting without investing too much.
Almost everything is maxed including overload skills & scanning skills.
Comes with a low-grade crystal (except Omega coze Cyb V req) and few Matar guns implants.

Also it’s impossible to guess I can make a cyno with such a name!

Here are my details :
Password : Sale2604

Waiting for your offers,

Can I message you in game?

Yes, sure, you can convo me on Sawk Backer (my main)

20 bil

up for today


21.5 bil

Thanks for your offer guys.
after a few checks i am fixing the B/O at 25.5 B.

Hoping this find this dude a nice pilot’s family, oldschool minmatar lover like me :wink:

Let’s see how sales move on

25.5 BO

B/O of hasir gadol accepted, awaiting ISK transfer and account name per eve-mail to start the transfer.

will make transfer in about 30min

isk sent
evemailed account name

ISK Received & account name, Transfer initiated.

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