WTS 23.5M SP Minmatar PVP dictor/ loki/ rapier cov-cyno

I am for sale: Natasse

Skill highlights:

Perfect (minmatar) gunnery supports - (needs controlled bursts for gallente)
Strong loki pilot
Rapier with covert cyno
Minmatar/ Gallente dictor - boosh :slight_smile:
T2 Medium projectiles
T2 small projectiles and hybrids
T2 light and medium Minmatar Drones
Good core/tanking skills
Max speed

2 Bonus remaps available now (next regular remap is 27.11.17)
Located in high sec near jita
2 Jump clones ( 1 high sec, 1 null sec)
+4s plugged in on hi sec clone in all but charisma

Will benefit from the 256k sub system skill points rebate due to the incoming T3 changes.

Natasse is flagged for a resculpt on my account, I don’t know if this transfers though.

Positive wallet, no kills rights and is in an NPC corp, all CCP rules apply.

15 bil

16.5b im ready to do now, maximum.


Are the same thread bumping rules in effect over here as the old forums?

I think so :slight_smile:

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17 Bil

Daily bump

Contactable via eve-mail (or occasionally in space)

17 billion isk


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seventeen billion isk.

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Daily offer of 17 billion isk

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17 billion isk

Daily bump 256k unallocated sp

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ingame mail sent