WTS myself, almost 6.7m SP

(Chaoken) #1


Positive wallet

No kill rights

No jump clones

Located in Jita.

Eve Appraiser lists value at 6b

Starting bid 4b, buyout 5b.

Thank you!

(Chaoken) #2

Bump and price drop.

(alpha xero) #3

@Chaoken still selling ?

(Chaoken) #4

Yes I am

(alpha xero) #5

@Chaoken i will pay 4 bill, if you agree

(Chaoken) #6

I will accept a 4.5b buyout

(alpha xero) #7

@chaoken accepted sending isk in a hour.

(alpha xero) #8

@Chaoken ISK and account info sent, check eve mail.

(Chaoken) #9

Transfer in progress. Thanks!

(system) #10

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