WTS Nag Pilot

no kill rights
isk positive
locate in hs
pass: 1234
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Wormhole_W237 13.5mil SP

16 B/O

  • You need to pull this character out of the current player corporation

Once you’ve fixed the corp issue, I’ll offer 12bn

He’s in an NPC corp, eveskillboard isn’t updated to show it yet.

13bn offer

I will consider offers from 15b

15b offer


@Zain_Sayou_Sharisa Well, if no one interrupts your deal before morning, it’s sold. Instant sale - 16bn!


@Zain_Sayou_Sharisa принято

will send isks after US East noon

Hey. Sorry, the character is no longer for sale. Close topic

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