WTS Navy Dreads, Zirnitras [Sold]

All ships located in BR low sec non-kickout NPC station. Currently have:

6x Phoenix Navy
5x Moros Navy
4x Naglfar Fleet
4x Revelation Navy

Coming out of build in 1 week:

20x - Zirnitras

Convo me in game, or DM me: Astrocytoma#3209


PNI = 6.1
MNI = 5.6
NFI = 5.4
RNI = 5.7

These are no haggle prices and already well below moving contract.

Zirns pricing depends on quantity 7.7 to 8.5b

Faction dreads is a little misleading. I would take 3 zirns at that price and 3 moros and two revs. Bulk discount?

Dm sent

I cometely agree it should have said navy. Apologies. Updated. What toon to contact in game.

Charles Dupont II

still have moreļ¼Ÿ

DM sent ingame :slight_smile:

Please DM me your stock and location so I can see how far away you are? Looking at Zirns and Rev Navys

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