WTB Dreads (All types regular dreads, faction dreads and Zirnitras) within 1 Jump of Amamake

Has to be within 1 jump of Amamake in an NPC station or an Amamake public structure. All other contracts will be rejected. If you need to know if it is within 1 jump use Jump Planner - DOTLAN :: EveMaps . If it is not in Amamake, then include enough fuel for the jump (I hate logistics). Prefer hulls / hulls and rigs only.

Paying the following prices:

Regular Dreads:
5X Moros - 3.2b
5X Revelation - 3.6b
5X Naglfar - 3.3b
3X Phoenix - 4b

Faction Dreads:
1X Moros Navy - 6.5b
1X Revelation Navy - 6.5b
3X Phoenix Navy - 7b
3X Naglfar Fleet - 6.5b

2X Zirnitra - 7.7b

Contract them to Alocose. I will update quantities as I get them.

Got a lot of what I needed, Still Need some revelations

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