WTS Near perfect scaning alt 12m sp

I am for sale

No kill rights.
In npc corp.
In highsec.
Positive wallet.
I pay transfer.

Offer please.

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The skill link seems to be set to private.

Strange i didnt change anything


You have to create a Sharelink manualy. Klick in the upper right Corner:


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Done thank you

In the character settings at SkillQ you have a separate link, which you should insert into the opening post.

The link you have inserted leads to your personal overview, which no one but you can see.

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Now done i think, sorry i havent sold a char since the old site was used.

Looks good now, I will start you off at 7.5b.
Do you have a b/o in mind?

Hey @Hedy_Page thank you for the good start im not sure what the bo is or what this is worth right now.
I’ll close sale in a few hours :slight_smile:

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Bump for today will instant sell for 8B

Who doesnt love scanning /bump

I’ll give you the 8b buyout.

@Hedy_Page send isk and name


Transfer started

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