WTS 30m SP perfect scanner


30m SP toon for sale.

  • Perfect scanning skills

  • Cyno V

  • Covert Ops V

  • 100% Magic 14
    *Bio/Cybernetics V

  • Great base skills.

  • Full +5 implant clone

  • Scanning clone:

Positive wallet
Located in Jita
Postiive Sec standing
No kill mails

3 Attribute remaps available.

Starting bid: 21B

Offering 21B

23b offer

BO @ 25

bump :innocent:

Can you check the skill link, its isn’t working on my end?

It should be working but generated a new one:

24 B offer

I accept it if its still valid

Yes, still valid. Will pay after work. Thanks!

I have received the account info. Transfer has been started - thank you and enjoy.


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