WTS Nighthawk BPO T2 Original


I’ll start you at 125 bill

I offer 130b

no PE, ouch…

gotta be worth 140b - I’ll offer that

145 b offer

150 billion

155b the number

160 bil

Ishtar is worth 250 bil easy. I think u should up that expectation a bit.

165b up

170 bil. :slight_smile:

I offer 171

ME8 TE0 - makes me sad :frowning:

199 bill.


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lmao this escalated quickly… I am late to the lowball party :frowning:

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Let’s see where we land it’s so exciting 205b

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I’ll buy Ishtar bpo for 250. Set up contract

Lol. I don’t think the ishtar BPO exists here, just someone making a point. That being said 260 for the Ishtar. :smiley:

If I had the Ishtar, then SOLD! Imaginary contract up! :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s the status here?