WTS Nyx Basgerin KS - Fully Fit

(Inauspicious Hauling Alt) #1

Fully fit nyx for sale, t2 rigs, t2 fighters/bombers, all refits.


28 bil ono

(Inauspicious Hauling Alt) #2

Bump Bump

(Adarxx) #3

you willing to sell just the hull?

(Inauspicious Hauling Alt) #4

Hull and rigs? Sure.

Make me an offer.

(Inauspicious Hauling Alt) #6

Bump Bump

(Inauspicious Hauling Alt) #7

Bump. Make me an offer.

(Storm Cotty) #8

Could you sell Hull and rig?
Tell me price here or ingame-mail me.

(Storm Cotty) #9

I found other one.

(system) #10

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