[WTS] Nyx - Basgerin

Selling a Nyx (with the grand total of 3 Killmarks) on public contract. 20b

can you post a screenshot of those glorious 3 killmarks for validate your claim? :bananaparrot:


This is my only photo of it before it got packed up in a contract :grimacing: But the three smudge marks are killmarks :joy:

(Thanny not included)

Am willing to sell the Nyx in Basergin Keepstar for 19bn unfitted and unrigged. With or without the 3 kill marks :smiley:

Would you take 17.5bil today?

18.75 is kinda closer for what I’d be looking for :smiley:

Bump \o/ Poke here or mail in game.

Still selling for ~19B

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