Legacy Nyx tons of killmarks

As stated in the title, I have a large trimark rigged Nyx for sale, it currently has 258 killmarks on it, located in Bas Keep, mail me in game with offers for quick response.

18bn bid

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Noted, looking for a little more will give it a couple days

Recommend posting a spicy screenshot of the killmarks. Should help it sell

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Screenshot of Killmarks

bump, still for sale

19 B.

I can do 19, let me know who to contract it to

This toon is fine.

Contract is up

Contract has not been accepted, will be taking bids again in 24hrs

Sorry man, meant to message you but been a hectic evening, the friend I was buying it for is being a douche, apologies for mucking you around, good luck with the sale o7

No worries, Nyx is available again

bump, still for sale

to the top


bump, still for sale, up on contracts for 20b in bas currently


to the top, still for sale, make me an offer

still for sale, make me an offer