WTS Nyx BPO 8/12 (SOLD)

(CynoBiash) #1

Hi there,

Selling this well researched Nyx BPO ME: 8 / TE: 12

Starting bid: 25B
Buyout: 32.5B

Located in Jita 4-4

(spacedemolisher) #2

will offer 27bill final offer

(CynoBiash) #3

Looking for a quick sale so offer of @spacedemolisher is accepted.
Will create contract in a bit.

(spacedemolisher) #4

ready to accept, if the contract isnt up in the next 15-30 mins Ill have to accept it tomorrow afternoon. Like 0700 eve time ish.

(CynoBiash) #5

Contract is up, sorry for the delay only just got home.

(spacedemolisher) #6

no worries, accepted

(system) #7

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