WTS - Nyx in Maila Keepstar

(General Mao) #1

T2 capital trimarks + travel fit and full oxygen isotope bay. Located in Maila Keepstar.

20b via private contract only.

(General Mao) #2

bump - Nyx still available in Maila Keepstar!

It is fully travel fit with T2 capital trimark armor pumps and a full fuel bay. Asking 20b. Please message me here or in game for a private contract.

(General Mao) #3


anyone interested in this but have questions? Please feel free to hit me up here or in game.

(Ivanabuy a Super) #4

Strong 18b offer

(Stoseph Stuarts) #5


(Skolelinux) #6

mail sent

(system) #7

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