WTS/wap NYX with T2 Trimarks [Basgerin]

Nyx hull with T2 trimarks and some fuel.

Make me an offer or may consider swapping for Hel

Location Basgerin


16b .

I was looking around 20bill mark

Yesterday I bought a deadspace fit Nyx for 20b… Not sure where you’re getting that price from?

I’ll up my offer to 16.5b though if that’s of any comfort?

I’ve been offered 18b - I’ll wait a little longer.

Cool NP

There is one with T2 trimarks and fuel up on public contracts in that same keepstar for 18.5b, and another one just under 18b in Maila. If I were you I would take that 18b and be done with it before someone comes along and undercuts you.



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