WTS: nyx pilot/jump freighter pilot. 30 bil

character is located in hisex. security status of character is -0.06
no killrights.
positive wallet.
28 mil sp.

can fly nyx (lvl 5 gallente carrier) and use light and heavy fighters. amazing capital ship navigation skills. can also fly jump freighter. all he needs is the skillbook injected to sit in a titan as well.

450k un-allocated skillpoints you can use for whatever you like. . 2 remaps available.

first 30 bil to post here gets it.

Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Johnny_PsychoSeed

best I can do is 28.5b, available right now for transfer if this is acceptable

30b is fine for me, got the money ready, just need a few more hours to get home to be able to transfer, if you can wait for that pls?

i will stick to the rules of my own post. first 30 bil gets it. Tzezcat is currently the only 30 bil on the table. offer accepted if you can send within 2 hours of this post…thanks for your bid

offer is accepted. character goes to Tzezcatlypoca. talking in game atm.

thanks, money and mail with info sent

isk received. starting character transfer now.

Character received, all good, thanks

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