WTS NYX Umbral Skin

Needless to say how unique this opportunity to buy one is.
There is no rush and I will wait at least a week for offers.
The reason I’m selling it is because I’m still sad that Triforce didn’t deliver. Damn, the model was so awesome. And i just rejoined Eve.

The skin is in highsec with 1.0 sec status but not at tradehub.

Thanks for your mails. I will wait at least a week for offers.

Offer were not high enough :slight_smile:

no price then shocked when theres not high enough offer?

Not shocked. Just informative. There aren’t many items that are rarer.

What was the highest offer? So we get a feeling of what you are considering not high enough

His exact words when I asked him how much he wanted:

“Well it is much easier to get a fitted titan than this skin. The prestige is much bigger and nobody can kill a skin. I have about 250b in mind.”

Few months later I reached out again and asked for his most realistic price to which he replied:

“Well i am not poor. It is so easy to make billions. So I don’t think there is a realistic price we would both accept. One evening homefront are round 3-5b… so how many evenings you would fly for such a skin?”

Hope that answers everybody’s questions!

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