WTS officer Damage control & Drone Omni Enhancer

Unit F-435454’s Modified Damage Control
Unit F-435454’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer

The location is 0J-MQW X - Edera’s Song (Station)

If you want buy or anything, Please send me mail

Please do not recreate a new post to attempt to sell the same items. I have closed all but this thread.



not Link
yes Enhancer


Enhancer 0.75B

still looking for it

how much for the damage control unit?

have 10b isk ready now if you dont get back to me you can contract and i will accept it

mmmm ill buy it if its in jita i dontt trust it unless its in a trade hub

Can you get that Damage control to Jita? I will give you a fair offer if you can do that