WTS Officer Modifieds ,here`s too many

Heres too many officer modifieds, if you need anyone of them, please send e-mail to this ID in Game: Maffiawjs Heres the items and price for each one :
Gotan’s Modified Ballistic Control System 2.7B

Gotan’s Modified Large Armor Repairer 0.7B

Gotan’s Modified Large Proton Smartbomb 6.5B

Mizuro’s Modified 100MN Afterburner 0.7B

Mizuro’s Modified Gyrostabilizer 1.7B

Mizuro’s Modified Tracking Enhancer*2 1.4B/ONE

Tobias’ Modified Heavy Warp Disruptor 22B

Tobias’ Modified Tracking Enhancer 8.8B

That`s all, if you need, please send E-mail to this ID: Maffiawjs.

email sent

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