WTS officer mods and skins

Are you looking for that special Christmas present (for yourself or someone you fly with)? I’m in no rush to sell so no lowball offers please, all items located in Jita 4-4. Message me your prices below / in game (online once day so may be a delay in responding). I’d prefer not to breakup a skin set for a particular ship.

Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier
Mizuro’s Modified 500MN Microwarpdrive
Black Market ‘Valdimar’ Drone Durability DD-1005

All-Stars Casino Clash SKIN Set (Draugur, Nergal and Ikitursa)

Capsuleer Networker XV SKIN Set (Apotheosis, Gnosis, Praxis and Sunesis)

DED ‘Alpha Plus’ Taskforce SKIN Set (Enforcer, Pacifier and Marshal)

Rokh Capsuleer Elite XIX SKIN
Rorqual Capsuleer Elite XIX SKIN
Orca Capsuleer Elite XIX SKIN

Arbitrator Raata Sunset SKIN
Deimos Caille Neon SKIN
Golem Zento Isideko Combine SKIN
Raptor Steel Cardinal SKIN
Breacher Tronhadar Ink SKIN
Nyx Interstellar Convergence SKIN

Bump, few enquires on skins but all still available at the moment

Bump all still for sale

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