WTS Officer Mods

WTS a few Officer mods:

2 x Cormack’s Modified Power Diagnostic System SOLD
1x Estamel’s Modified EM Ward Amplifier
1x Unit P-343554’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer
1x Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer.

leave a message here ( dont message me ingame i dont log this toon in much) or message me on discord (Spaceinator#2454)

how much for the Em ward amplifier and one PDS?

11bill for pds if ur only buying 1.

EM ward field 7bill

So you ask for 7bil for a mod what is literally not more worth then 1,4bil? I am sure you created the buy orders in the market what happened like 4h ago to create some interest. im not sure if the fake orders still work but i can let you know that i over you 1,4bil and not more for the EM…

i looked at what last sold in jita and went below that so you are wrong, sorry.

sorry for ur terrible information, but you clearly dont know what you are talking about.

please stop commenting here.

true its so hard to buy sell those things from an alt…

Here look at the forum he would be really crazy when he is asking for high prices but only the EM ward thing he lowballs right?

not to sound rude, but did you even look at how long ago that thread was, you clearly dont know what has happened in that time, but you are just wasting my time please just stop posting here, you are not smart enough to come to this realisation.

lol :slight_smile: if you think so its ok… like on all office mods wish you all the best to find someone dumb enough! :slight_smile:

Bump, would also love for a mod to clean up this drivel :slight_smile:

Bump prices negotiable for bulk buy

  1. is it EM ward FIELD, or ward AMPLIFIER ? as there is like … enormous difference :slight_smile:
  2. i offer 20 bil for 2 cormak pds
  1. well it says it in the OP, it is an amplifier.
    2 ok, deal contract it to Kiera tsero? (contract is up to kiera tsero, for 3 days)

accepted, thanks

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