WTS Officer Mods


Gotan’s Modified Cruise Missile Launcher - SOLD
Tobias’ Modified Large Proton Smartbomb - ? bil
Tobias’ Modified Cruise Missile Launcher - 4.5 bil
Gotan’s Modified Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher - 1.8 bil

Bump it up. CCP removed Tobias spawns for some reason.

There’s a Tobias’ Proton Smartbomb on Jita for 15.x B. I will take well under.

Contracted the Gotan’s Cruise to the person who asked, pending. Rest are still avail for offers.

Sold Gotan’s Modified Cruise Missile Launcher for the offer I was sent.

Rest are still up for offers.

up up and away. Get some purple on your Marauder

up up and away, get that purple

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