WTS some officer stuff

Gotan’s Modified Cruise Missile Launcher 1.5b
Gotan’s Modified Large Armor Repairer 1.5b
Gotan’s Modified 100MN Afterburner 1.5b
Gotan’s Modified Heavy Warp Disruptor 9.5b
Gotan’s Modified Stasis Webifier 20b
Gotan’s Modified Large Proton Smartbomb 4.8b
Gotan’s Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler 10b
Tobias’ Modified Thermal Shield Amplifier 4b
Raysere’s Modified Cap Recharger 5.5b
Vepas’ Modified Cloaking Device 3.8b

All in jita 4-4. Mail me.

first bump

Some purple for sale

8.5b for the scrambler

9,5 and deal


Meet in the middle at 9?

Was good 3 days ago. Atm 10b firm, sry )

Purple stuff

Friday bump

Weekly bump

bump 07


8.5b for the scram.

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