WTS Officer Mods

Ahremen’s Modified Heat Sink x 3
Chelm’s Modified Heat Sink x 1

Brokara’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb x 1
Setele’s Modified Large Plasma Smartbomb x 1

Vizan’s Modified Cap Recharger x 1
Selynne’s Modified Cap Recharger x 1

Cormack’s Modified Adaptive Nano Plating x 1 - 2.75Bil

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Ill take a Gotan web, PM sent

ill also take a gotan web, throw up a contract.

Mails have been replied too, Contracts made and prices added to OP.

price is on the absolute high end so no thanks.

How much did he put it up for I bought the last one for 15 on market

Contract for Gotan’s web to Amelia Sturges for 16bil

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accepted thanks for the quick sale

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Can accept now (online for hour before wrok) if you want to sell 1 Gotan’s Modified Gyro @4.5b

Replayed to mails, back up to the top.

Op Updated.

Up again.

Stuff still for sale,

All listed still for sale.

Still for sale.

still all for sale get them while there hot.

Prices updated, get your officer mods.

Up again

Back up to the top again

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