WTS Officer Mods

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #1

Ahremen’s Modified Heat Sink x 3
Chelm’s Modified Heat Sink x 1

Brokara’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb x 1
Setele’s Modified Large Plasma Smartbomb x 1

Vizan’s Modified Cap Recharger x 1
Selynne’s Modified Cap Recharger x 1

Cormack’s Modified Adaptive Nano Plating x 1 - 2.75Bil

(Amelia Sturges) #2

Ill take a Gotan web, PM sent

(Luv2Club69) #3

ill also take a gotan web, throw up a contract.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #4

Mails have been replied too, Contracts made and prices added to OP.

(Luv2Club69) #5

price is on the absolute high end so no thanks.

(Taraas Enko) #6

How much did he put it up for I bought the last one for 15 on market

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #7

Contract for Gotan’s web to Amelia Sturges for 16bil

(Amelia Sturges) #8

accepted thanks for the quick sale

(Ivana Voce) #9

Can accept now (online for hour before wrok) if you want to sell 1 Gotan’s Modified Gyro @4.5b

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #11

Replayed to mails, back up to the top.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #12

Op Updated.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #13

Up again.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #14

Stuff still for sale,

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #15

All listed still for sale.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #16

Still for sale.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #17

still all for sale get them while there hot.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #18

Prices updated, get your officer mods.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #19

Up again

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #20

Back up to the top again

(system) #21

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