WTS Officer Mods

Would like to sell the following items that are currently located in Querious:

4x Cormack’s Modified Tracking Computer

1x Setele’s Modified Tracking Computer

2x Tobias’ Modified Gyrostabilizer - SOLD

1x Gotan’s Modified Gyrostabilizer

2x Mizuro’s Modified Gyrostabilizer

2x Tobias’ Modified Tracking Enhancer

2x Mizuro’s Modified Tracking Enhancer

2x Setele’s Modified Sensor Booster

1x Tuvan’s Modified Sensor Booster

Please send in-game mails with offers.

Items still available.

I’ll pay 16b for both of them.


17b for both

Sent you a mail, kinda interested in some of this

4b for the pair

Contract is up for 4.2bil as discussed over email.

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Items still for sale

Send mails with offers.

how much for Cormack’s Modified Tracking Computer?

How much are you offering?

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I’ll give you 16 bil for the 2x Tobias’ Tracking Enhancer.

Been away for a while - bump

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Items still for sale

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