WTS Officer Mods

(Cat Blazer) #1

On Offer:

1 x Cormack’s Modified Damage Control 47B
1 x Setele’s Modified Tracking Computer 11b
1 x Cormack’s Modified Tracking Computer 15b
1 x Chelm’s Modified Cap Recharger 10b

1 x True Sansha Capital Capacitor Booster 9b

Post Offers here or ingame mail please.

(Cat Blazer) #2

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(Cat Blazer) #3

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(Cat Blazer) #4

Daily Bump, prices added

(Cat Blazer) #5

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(Cat Blazer) #6

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(Shiven Deneith) #7

I’ll take the tracking computer. Send me a contract when you get a chance. I’ll be at work in several hours so if you aren’t around until then, I’ll accept when I get home from work.

(Serenity Fireslayer) #8

Holy NecroPost batman!

(Shiven Deneith) #9

Is posting on something just over a month really that bad on items that usually don’t go that fast?

(system) #10

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